Monday, May 17, 2010


I Might start a blog for everyone who likes and watches Doctor-Who

-8Zankoo8 (I might be called DW Expert)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye friends

Hello Penguins im sorry to say that im leaving blogging and thats not all im leaving virtual worlds as well the thing is im getting bored and i just have no time for it anymore i will check my comments now and then and reply here are some notes 4 u all

Magno20:Thanks for everything you helped this site and you are a really good pal

Whizzobrobox:Sorry if i spell your name wrong you have been kind and helpful i know you have quit your blog sorry to hear that.Your site is amazing Good luck in the future

Lemon2608:You have been kind and humerous THE CP TRICK Club was amazing.Thanks for looking at my blog all the time and entering compo's on my site!Thanks for being a great friend!

Slidoo:You are a really good designer thx for the banners/headers your really good at cheats keep doing it you rock!

Snowy:Sorry i cant post anymore on your site you can remove me now if u want

Pengocent:I have known you for like 3,4 years now thanks for being such an awsome friend  your blog is amazing and myles mc.

Queen binawa:Your cool keep waddling on!

PENGUIN OF THE MONTH CANCELLED sorry i might post occasionly

waddle on!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Medival Party is finaly here!

Hello Penguins when you go round that maze in quest 1 the arrows will shine thats where you have to go also here is a cheat to throw very quick snow balls do T Click T Click T Click and so on....
Here are some items:

You can find the treasure at the end of Quest 2.
Here are some other items outside the quests:

Thats all for now on!
Waddle on!
-8zankoo8 (Owner)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Penguin of the month goes to...

Hello Penguins i know i was supposed to this at the end of the month but i decided to do it now!
But there was a tie between Queen Binawa,Slidoo.Lemon2608 and everyone else who said water or ocean or sea.
So im gonna do another riddle!
A train drives past a man at 6:00 it drives past him again at 6:00 on the same day how is that possible?

Hope you can work it out!
Waddle on!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Penguin of the month May 2010

Hello Penguins this month you all have to work out a hard riddle here it is...
The Anwser will be announced at the end of the month all you have to do is try to comment the answer in the comment box You will get all these things if you win.

  1. 10 CPZ Points

  2. 5% Discount on CPZ Points

  3. Your site reccomended on this website
Hope you can work it out!
Waddle on!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Medival sneak peak

Hello Penguins just a quick post here are a few sneaks of the Medival party same as last year!? Club penguin is just getting lazy...
Waddle on!
p.s-Right click has been disabled so knowone can steal copyright thank you slidoo for this wonderful idea!

Under construction

Hello Penguins this site is under constructions some widgets will be out of place i am fixing it for now on
Waddle on!

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